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*NEW* "1-on-1"
Paintless Dent
Removal Training

As a part of the industry for 25+ years,
we take pride in our industry and its
training and education guidelines, and NEW for 2022 our exclusive mobile "1-on-1" Training!


A highly skilled process that repairs dents,
dings and creases without harming factory paint or
creating the costly and time consuming need
for traditional body shop repairs.



Paintless Dent Removal Training

We have created a proprietary & successful teaching method that
enforces fundamentals of the Paintless Dent Removal process.


Industry leaders training with 25+ yrs of experience.


Instructors with current "real-world" experience.


Learn the basics of PDR to build a strong foundation.


Manufacturer specific tool training. What the pros use on daily basis!


Industry standard tools that you keep to begin your career.

The Career

3 out of 4 graduates move on to a highly success PDR career!

*NEW* 2022 *NEW*

1-on-1 "At-home or On-site" Training Specials!

All courses include ULTRA Dent tools & LED lights!

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Tri State PDR Training

Here's a little history . . .

What's PDR?

    Paintless dent removal also referred to as PDR, is a highly skilled process that repairs dents, dings and creases without harming a vehicles factory paint or creating the costly and time consuming need for traditional body shop repairs. PDR is the best way to maintain the value of your vehicle and is required on certified pre-owned programs and lease returns.

About Us.

    TriStatePDR Training is owned & operated by several Paintless Dent Repair technicians. Our team has been intimately involved with the PDR industry for more than 25 years. Therefore, we take tremendous pride in guiding trainees with all the solutions to repair dents well in any situation. More importantly, we are confident we can help trainees master the very techniques that have consistently led our TriStatePDR training team to superior results.

    We have worked tirelessly to translate our long-developed philosophy into a practical curriculum that enables our trainees to effectively learn the process of paintless dent removal. Our curriculum is the result of lengthy discussion and debate, contemplation and collaboration, all geared towards simplifying and dissecting the PDR trade for our trainees. Just as a pro basketball player learns how to shoot a jump-shot, or pass the ball to their teammate, our trainees learn step-by-step, what it takes to be a paintless dent repair technician. They are drilled in every aspect of the PDR trade so as to perfect the basics of removing simple dents. This foundational mastery serves as a gateway to learning the necessary strategies for tackling larger, more complex repairs and for promoting the trainees style and individual growth.

Why us?

    We have a successful teaching method in which the fundamentals of TriStatePDR Training are ingrained in you unconditionally. We are aware that there are great trainers in the world worthy of instructing you. Frankly, the reputable nature of other trainers within the industry is what has fueled our teaching innovations. The scrutiny to withhold the integrity of PDR, from other technicians and trainers alike, has pushed us to create a program that will yield a fine technician. We understand that, you are asking for the essential tools to provide for you or your family's living, to send your kids to college, and perhaps even, to dish out those beloved ten dollar checks for your grandchildren. If we have the opportunity to teach you PDR, we will not take what you've asked us to do lightly.

Why Choose Us.

  • - Industry leaders training with over 25 years of experience
    - "NEW" for 2022... 1-on-1, at-home, or on-site Training!
    - Clear guidance
    - Instructors with today's "real-world" experience
    - Professional industry "everyday" tools implementation
    - Set yourself apart as one of the Elite
    - Build confidence and commmunication skills
    - Learn the history to build a strong foundation
    - 3 out of 4 graduates move on to a PDR career
    - Manufacturer-specific advanced training
    So why not check it out? It's easy... just fill out the form and find out about great career opportunities with great rewards!

    Contact us today so we can help plan your future in this great industry!



Training Packages

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Contact us today for pricing & reserve your spot for next month's class.

NEW! 1-one-1 Training.

"Learning the "Highs and Lows"

We are going to break down the dent repair to its individual elements using our signature "the 1-to-FIVE" process. Each element will then be taught through the hand to eye relationship that trains your brain to perform any skill or function. Through repetition, slow exaggerated movements and fun applications of the fundamentals, we will piece together this entire process.

You will learn to identify a dent in a reflection light/board as well as find your tool's tip. You will explore the many layers of a proper PDR "PUSH." Ultimately, you will be making perfect PDR repairs early, often and throughout this class. Finally, you will learn what it will take to rise to elite status in this industry, and you will have the knowledge of what it will take to stay at elite status in this industry. The answer lies within the TriStatePDR Training.

Starter set of essential tools, accessories, and DVDs provided.

PDR Advance 102.

"Learning the "Smiles"

Many trained PDR tech's reach a plateau! You may be struggling to finish a repair to its original condition. Perhaps you need an advanced course to re-enforce your confidence level. What you need is a complete overhaul of the fundamentals it takes to challenge the limits within this industry! We will reinstall the foundation, and help finish off that repair.

Additonally, glue pulling will also be a major focus. The Glue Pulling process(GPDR) has advance so much in the past few years and we have provide all the options and training in this great additon to your repertoire.

Hourly, Daily, & Weekly training available.

ON-SITE Pro Training.

"Access at your finger tips"

One thing has echoed from our clients during our combined 25 years of experience in the auto reconditioning business... How can I learn, how can I add this to my teams skill-set? Many painters, body technicians, mechanics, and owners would like to add this to their teams' repertoire. Our training is focus on one thing... repairing a dent. Instead of calling your local dent guy to repair a small dent... wouldn't it be beneficial to have that skill-set handy at a moment's notice? Our 5 day course will provide core PDR training for a maximum group of 3 to 4 on your team.

Starter set of essential tools, accessories, and DVDs provided. Advance set of PDR tools available for purchase.


Climate controlled and real-world PDR training, hotel & eatery discounts, and guided local experiences. We have comprised a package that will give you what need for your PDR training, while experiencing the "big city!"

... AND ALL NEW for 2022
"1-on-1" At-home or On-site Training!




Over 25 years in the PDR industry, our trainers can provide you the essentials of PDR and its everyday ups and downs.
This will be no walk in the park, Training can get instense,
but we will hep you weave through it with some ease.


So why not check us out? It's easy... just fill out the form and find out about great career opportunities with great rewards!



Classes are held monthly at nationally recognized hotels within NY & NJ.
Hotel accomodations discounts will be provided at the host hotel.

... & all new for 2022
1-on-1" At-home or on-site Training!



East Rutherford, NJ
Hackensack, NJ
Danbury, CT


Training held on monthly basis. Limited availability.
"1-on-1" Training TBA.


Hotel discount & local perks available at host hotels.